What is the Turn Around time for Print Orders?

Once your order is placed, and your PDF files are received with the proper specs, your order will ship in approximately 4 business days.

To ensure your order is shipped on time, please do make sure the following specs are met. - (any specs not met may cause a delay in shipping)

Convert Measurements and Fonts

  • Please convert all measurements to inches
  • Please remove crop marks from your file
  • Please include a BLEED, 1/8" margin, on all 4 sides around the edges of the file.
  • Please convert all of your text to outlines (paths). – This means that your text should be recognized as an IMAGE, not a font. That way the style shows up properly on any computer.
  • Please set up your art as "one-up". We will impose for the press using special tools here.
  • For 2-sided designs, please COMBINE your PDFs into 1 ONE instead of two separate pdfs.

Borders on Artwork

  • If your artwork has a border, please make sure it is at least 1/4" (.25) thick on all sides. 1/4" is the minimum thickness, thicker borders tend to work better. Border thickness is important because if it is too thin, there is a risk that the border will be trimmed off and thickness will look uneven.

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