My Package was delivered, but I can't find it

If the package tracking shows delivered but it seems lost, please follow the steps below in order to recover the package.

  1. Check around the delivery location
    • For residential deliveries, the package maybe left hidden outside the house, with the apartment office, with a neighbor or at the local Post Office (if USPS).
    • For business deliveries, the package maybe in the building mail room, signed by another coworker, in a neighboring office or at the local Post Office (if USPS)
  2. Contact the carrier

    • UPS: 800-PICK-UPS, they will contact the UPS driver to see where the package was left.
    • USPS: Your local mail person on their next delivery to see where the package was left and your Local Post Office to see if the package is awaiting pickup there.
  3. Contact us if the package cannot be located

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